Tips on writing online dating emails

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Tips on writing online dating emails

It was originally designed for building websites before the semantic web was popular, so it does old-school well.

While many web designers and coders frown on tools like Dreamweaver for not providing accurate design modes for advanced CSS, Dreamweaver is actually a really good tool for emails, and can display them quite accurately.We use Litmus, which lets you test emails in a dozen web and desktop clients to ensure that it works properly.It also lets you test things like the fold, and turning images on and off.So if you haven’t yet learned the ins and outs of designing emails for Outlook, now’s the time to learn!Mural does a lot of HTML email work for some of our bread and butter clients, and we literally have thousands of campaigns in our archive dating back many years, so we have a lot of experience testing for lots of different clients and learning the various techniques needed for each.While Microsoft has been making great improvements on the web standards front in IE, they’ve been seemingly rolling backwards with HTML support in Outlook.

For the 2007 version they switched from the IE rendering engine to the Word engine (apparently for security reasons), which is completely crippled compared to IE.

The pitchforks and torches are waving, but it looks like we’ll be dealing with the Word engine for emails for many years.

Even if they switch to IE for 2012, we’ll have clients using 20 for years.

For anyone who does email marketing and designs and codes attractive HTML emails, this decision has no doubt had you shaking your fist and cursing Bill Gates’ mother.

We were all hoping that for the upcoming Outlook 2010 release Microsoft would go back to IE, but they have announced that they are sticking with Word.

If you’re using windows and have Outlook on your machine, the quick and dirty way to test is to open your email in IE, and then go to File Page by email.

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